Trance Blackman wrote a beautiful song
called "Butterfly" that portrays the
essence of my being. Listen

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I am so glad you found this little spot in the big world of the Internet. It is no mistake that you are here and so I invite you to wander around and enjoy the inspirational music and messages for your mind, spirit and physical well-being.

My purpose in life is to be "A Song of Joy, touching and healing the heart." 

My hope is that your heart is touched by what I have been given to share with you.

Enjoy your visit!

Forever...dancing in the arms of God,


~ Recent Big News ~

New single! The latest offering from Gypsy Butterfly, "Reaching Deep" is now available!

See the music page, or the store to listen, share, and download the song!


Gypsy Butterfly's album, Whispers of My Heart, is fluttering it's way into the hands of many fans! See the music video for "Walkin' in the Rain" on YouTube!

Visit the album website to read about, listen to & purchase the music!

Just Be Yourself!
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