Angel in the Sky


For quite sometime, I have been aware of the angels that surround me. I have had many angel experiences that have blessed my life and so I have begun a new journey with my understanding of who and why angels are with us.

I have recently finished two courses given by Pam Shelley (Link): Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters' Certificate Course in Spiritual Healing

Pam has also chosen 3 of my songs to accompany her CD meditation series: Connecting to Your Guardian Angel, Guided Meditations for Children, Usui Reiki Master Guided Meditation, Meditation Techniques & Meditations (Link).

My sincere desire is to to be a vessel of God's love and to share the message of love and hope through my music and through my communication with the angels.

In reading this right are being given the opportunity to open your heart to receive the message from your own personal guardian angel.

"May you receive blessings today and signs that show you your angel is with you, and allow your personal guardian angel to guide you on this new journey"

Camael - (Link) Chief of the order of powers; one of the holy sefiroth; personification of divine justice; among the 7 that stand in the presence of God. An angel who presides over beauty, joy, happiness, and contentment, Camael grants these gifts to those who pray to him. Any activity on our part that emulates this angel, such as bringing gladness to others, draws Camaelic energies into our lives and enfolds us in wings of happiness. Essene prayer: "Camael, Angel of Joy, descend upon the earth and give beauty to all things."

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