Empowering Your Mind

Changing our lives means we have to make changes in our thinking...

We Create our lives with the thoughts we focus on, therefore it is crucial to keep your thoughts in alignment with love... Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love endures all things, hopes all things. Love trusts.

In the past 10 years, I have been mentored by three Authors whose wisdom has shifted my thinking and changed my life.


Louise Hay, a beautiful blessing in my life --

I was depressed and just wanting to give up when I found Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life. I read her personal story and saw my own story within hers. Her words of hope jumped out of the book and into my heart and I began a journey of healing.

Everything of our being is connected - mental, emotional and physical. When there is DIS-EASE, the solution is found not only in the physical body, but in our mental and emotional state.

Louise's new Book: Experience Your Good Now!


Wayne Dyer, I love being in this man's presence. He radiates so much peace and love --

The next step of my journey of change, was being given a Wayne Dyer book, Manifest Your Destiny. Wayne's book introduced me to the principals of how to manifest my heart's desires.

My life shifted in a beautiful and magical way and I began to create and manifest a life I had always only dreamed of.

Wayne's new edition of The Power of Intention

Doreen Virtue, a light to lead me in my journey --

After a near-death experience at the age of 15, I realized my gift of receiving messages and inspiration from souls who had left their physical body. I didn't really understand the gift until I started to read Doreen's book, Healing With the Angels.

Reading Doreen's experiences and insights helped me to realize the beauty of the gift. As I have grown with it, I have been a witness to many lives being blessed through the communication and the messages I have received.

I have also been working with Doreen's Angel and Fairy cards for several years and again have been witness to amazing life changes.

Doreen's New book: Archangels 101

I am in process of creating my own set of Inspirational GYPSY CARDS with messages from my songs... I look forward to sharing my inspiration and being the 'Song of Joy' and 'Pure Love'  that is my true essence.

I have read many books by each of these authors, and have had the honour and pleasure to meet Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, and do hope to meet Doreen very soon. I am so grateful for their 'touch of love'  in my life.

All three Authors and many more are coming to Vancouver this March 2011... Come experience the LOVE!

I Can Do It! Vancouver 2011


A block in the road is NOT the end of the road. It is a gate... a gate to be opened.  It's an opportunity to learn something new about yourself - something deep inside that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams. Trust that a new direction will come to you. The key to open this gate and move forward down the path is within you.

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