Music as Art

How two painters interpreted what the Gypsy Butterfly does with music...



Painted by Mary Anne Molcan, inspired by the music from the album Whispers of My Heart.

See her Seasons of My Heart artwork here.

Listen to the music that inspired her paintings here.


Painted by Mary Anne Molcan, inspired by the song "Believe".

Listen to "Believe".

"Beyond the Chrysalis"

Painted by Erin Cooper, inspired by the music of Carly's EP of the same name.

Listen to album samples.

"Eruption of Spirit"

Painted by Karin of Inspirit Art, being inspired by the songs "Fire in My Soul" & "Miracle".

"The painting symbolizes, as the title suggests, not a gentle emerging of the spirit, rather, a power-full, strong-willed eruption of the spirit and soul. Lava from a volcano doesn't tip-toe, doesn't beat around the bush, it is fully engaged in flow, erupting abruptly when the time comes and there is no turning back. Our spirits that are often kept silent so it doesn't upset anyone, are suffering because we have all this wonderful talent, love, and joy to express and so many times we are too afraid to. This painting encourages everyone to unleash your spirit, feed the fire in your soul, and know that miracles are possible."

Karin Bauer -

Listen: Fire in My Soul Miracle

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