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"My sister and I committed to a Healing Journey. Joanne was bravely fighting terminal cancer and I became her coach and partner in that amazing voyage. At a pivotal point, Carly's songs: 'In the Stillness' and 'Miracle' came into our lives in a synchronistic fashion. The importance of these words, set to music, is an amazing tribute to the pure intention and clear message given to its creator; indeed a message from ABOVE."

Loretta J. Robinson

Carly this is BEAUTIFUL!! Soooooo beautiful! Thank YOU! Has given me shivers, and a lump in my throat, in a good way....listening. Also, listened to and read about Travis and "Feel Me" this morning on your website. whoa. You have an amazing talent, ...gift. I feel honored to know you, and thrilled to be able to share in the tremendous 'touch' of your spirit.

Thanks Carly I BELIEVE this is a winner!! Way to go!! I'm convinced... GREAAT SONG!

"I was divinely inspired to create 4 Guided meditation cd's and was asking my Angels to please guide me to someone for the background music. Carly showed up in my life shortly afterwards and I was thrilled to not only use her songs for background but be able to have the songs Miracle, In The Stillness, and Friends Forever with her beautiful words and music at the end of the cd's. The cd's are available in several stores and I use them in my workshops as well. I am so thankful to my Angels and to Carly; keep up the beautiful, creative inspirational work. It touches people in many ways and you truly are gifted."

Pamela Shelly
Kelowna, B.C.


Hi Carly...I do need you to know how very very grateful I am that I did in fact buy your 'Beyond the Chyrsalis' CD when in Peachland. Your voice is lovely, and extends a warm, peaceful harmony. I'm so pleased to have you in my home. I had a hair appointment with you. We shared a 'soul' way of conversation.

Wishing you continued joy in your life as you journey, good health, and the rewards of sharing your gifts with those whose lives you touch. "What one leaves behind is woven into the mosaic of others' lives". It's like the 'ripple in the pond' effect, and I do so appreciate that analogy.

You will always be remembered.....hugs, Dorothy Varley

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